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Mercantile Investments , A Great Place to work!


In a study of over 100 leading companies in the country, spanning over 13 industries Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC has been recognized for the 2nd time, as one of the top twenty five companies in Sri Lanka to work for, in the year 2017. The study conducted by the Great Place To Work ® Institute, is widely considered as the benchmark, and the top companies in Sri Lanka aggressively vie for the top accolades. Staving off stiff competition MI collected the coveted award at a ceremony held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in June 2017.
    With a rich history and heritage of over 53 years and an ever expanding branch network, MI takes great pride in its employees, and continue to heavily invest in them. As such, this recognition came as no surprise to most, primarily because of the unique and nurturing corporate culture at MI. In reality, this accolade truly belongs to each and every member of the MI family.
    Needless to say, Mercantile Investments since its inception has valued its workforce as the key driving force in sustaining commendable financial and operational performance. MI’s workforce of nearly 900 employees has been instrumental in realising the company’s visionary aspirations right along. The unique style of Management upholds a clear “open door policy” that encourages free flow of information to pass down from management to the staff and vice versa. At MI this has not been restricted to a mere catchphrase and the employees have truly benefited from having free access to the Managing Director, Departmental Head or Supervisor at any given time.
Moreover, the MI corporate culture insists that both management and staff maintain mutual respect for each other and treat all individuals with dignity and respect. Another cornerstone of the MI culture is sustaining clear communication of expectations at all times supported by goal setting and handing down periodic targets, both quantitative and qualitative. In furthering employee motivation, a performance based rewarding system is implemented across all core business functions. All of the above characteristics of the culture were assessed through a detailed survey of randomly identified employees, further solidifying MIs claim to this award.
    Additionally, MI scored much higher than the market average, in areas such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie, highlighting the majority of employees’ positive perception of the organisation. Much to our pride the recognition it received in areas such as communication, competence and integrity, were also very high in comparison.
  • The above picture depicts Director Credit and Marketing, Mr. Dhanushka Fonseka receiving the honour at the award ceremony held on 28th of June 2017. Also pictured are, the Assistant General Manager - HRM, Ms. Asanthi Gunaratne and Assistant Manager- HRM, Mrs. Sachini De Silva representing Mercantile Investments.

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