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MI Loan

Need cash for an emergency or for an important life event? Look no further than Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC. From Vehicle Loans to Personal Loans and Mortgage Loans, the Company offers you a variety of loan facilities to choose from depending on your requirement.

Vehicle Loans

Mercantile Investments offers you the opportunity to own your dream vehicle with a hassle-free and flexible Vehicle Loan facility. The facility which has no VAT or Stamp Duty component added, is granted for all Registered or Unregistered Vehicles. The Company only keeps the registration book of the vehicle as security.

Personal Loans

Mercantile Investments offers 2 types of Personal Loans depending on your need and your ability to pay back the loaned amount.

–  Term Loan End of Period

A facility which is granted for customers with a good track record, this facility is typically provided for a short time period while the collateral is decided by the Credit Manager. The customer initially pays only the interest component while during the final month they will be paying the capital granted to them in addition to the interest.

–  Term Loan Reducing

This facility is granted in a similar manner to the above facility with the only difference being the equal installments the customer has to pay for the entire duration of the facility. The facility could be granted for all registered vehicles, machines or any other collateral on the sole discretion of the Credit Manager.

Property Mortgage Loans

This facility is granted only for Property Mortgages and the customer’s repayment amount will be on equal monthly installments.


Benefits of Mercantile Investments Loan Facilities

  • Hassle-free Loan facilities arranged in minimum time
  • Lowest interest rates for Loans
  • Flexible terms and conditions to match the different financial situations of clients as well as their ability to meet payment obligations

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