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How We Create Value

Decades of value generation

Through a highly successful business enterprise, MI over the last five decades has been a source of strength to all those who have sought our financial services and business acumen. As a company built on sound fundamentals, our philosophy has always been to give the best in whatever we do and when doing so to retain the trust and loyalty of people, as a true test of our brand promise. In pursuit of our wider aspirations and goals, we operate our own unique business model with embedded value creating processes.

In constantly responding to the opportunities and challenges of our external environment, we have honed our business acumen, knowledge and competencies over time and with it our value enhancing model. Our value creation efforts have benefited all our stakeholders, the industry and the nation over the last fifty plus years.

We have evidenced a continuous increase in wealth for our investors over time; we have been successful in providing the capital required by entrepreneurs in key industries, to customers in pursuit of improving their life styles in tandem with the growth of per capital income levels as the country developed from being a closed economy to a mixed economy and to its current status of being middle income country. As financiers we have added value to the various initiatives of our customer base with our knowledge and business acumen in guiding their investment decisions and being a  supportive and responsible financier who has always ensured regulatory compliance in transacting business. Our strong capital adequacy ratios, governance and risk frameworks have safeguarded the capital of our depositors even in volatile challenging times. The investment returns to our depositors have been guaranteed by our prudent approach and stringent regulatory compliance and adjusted for risk.

As employers we have been known for our commitment to developing careers and creating the opportunities for knowledge development and skill and competency building. Our investment in our employees has gone beyond compensation and reward. We are an employer of choice and earned the coveted position of being among the “great places to work’ Our strong bonds with our community through our interactions have led to spawning entrepreneurial skills and development of cottage industries which we have supported and nurtured through our business expertise. We have uplifted the less privileged through our corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility initiatives that have given us the social license to operate across Sri Lanka over the last fifty plus years as socially acclaimed responsible corporate citizen.

However we do not rest on our laurels, as for us, value creation does not end with investor wealth creation, but extends beyond commercial boundaries to touch lives, hearts and minds of people and communities we transact business with, by contributing to their own individual wealth creation and development. Our efforts towards this purpose are further underlined by our continued commitment to reduce our carbon foot print and conserve the environment for future generations.

We continue to invest in developing the skills and competencies of our employees, as they acquire knowledge and experience that is best in class and so vital to their own career development and progression. We continue to harness the talent of our employee base through our focused initiatives on training and development and win the loyalty and support of our employees through their dedication and commitment in creating value for all our stakeholders.

We stay committed to our sustainability ideals; in offering our customers a value offering that has been tailored to their needs, and to meet with current market conditions and economic drivers in making our financial services available and accessible to a large cross section of customers, based on our commitment to diversity and incivility. Our focus on customer retention and customer relationship management as part of developing relationship capital has resulted in strong and loyal customer base leading to business continuity and increase in brand value that has contributed in turn to the increase in our intellectual capital.

We look to the next fifty years from a position of strength and financial solidity, having built a reputation for prudential financial management and having won the trust of our investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities alike. We will continue to strive towards creating more value in the hands of all our stakeholders by investing in our sustainability agenda and aligning our value creation efforts with the development goals of our country.

Our Value Creation Business Model

Our value creation story and performance revolves around the various components of our unique integrated business model (Please follow link below). This mainly involves the six forms of input capital that we manage, which is interlinked to our core business activities and back-office support functions. We assessed our internal strengths and weaknesses along with comprehensive review of the external environment and went on to craft suitable strategies that would enable the company to attain the goals and targets set based on our overarching sustainability agenda. Through our integrated thinking and this value enhancing process, key business processes and sub processes have been interlinked and aligned to generate maximum value, so that we are equipped to cater to the wide ranging stakeholder expectations. As the final output stemming from the model, the process generates our value offering to our customers and in parallel generates number of sustainable outcomes which enhances key stakeholder value, inclusive of contributing to the economic growth endeavors of the country and communities and making every endeavor to conserve the environment and reduce our carbon foot print with a view to preserving the environment and our world for future generations.

Journeying in Integrated Value Creation

Value creation has been a continuous process of perfecting our model as we continue to analyze, revisit and fine tune the components of the model each year. This has resulted in improved business acumen and improvisation of strategy that is a result of the dynamics that prevail in both the internal and external environment in which we operate. More importantly it has also motivated us to aspire for greater heights. Our governance and risk prerogatives and the six capital value creation process (Please follow the main menu links) continue to constantly enrich our key stakeholder value each year.

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