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Social Capital


The Company over time has developed a reputation for being a socially responsible Corporate as demonstrated by our efforts at improving the livelihoods of the underprivileged members within our society.

Additional Social Capital supportive information:

Survey to identify needs of people

Stakeholder satisfaction is considered an integral part when engaging in business activities and has contributed immensely towards MI’s survival and growth over the past fifty years. Thus with the intention of enhancing our service excellence, we conducted a stakeholder survey during the FY 2016/17, to clearly identify the needs and expectations.

The questionnaire was distributed throughout MI’s entire branch network to obtain a sufficient feedback. Mainly, the questionnaire covered two aspects; service experience and social responsibility of MI.

Accessibility to our MI branch locations, efficiency of service, flexibility and effectiveness of our promotions are covered in ‘service experience’, whereas the scope of ‘Social Responsibility covered the effectiveness of MI’s social activities, in meeting social needs and environmental concerns.

Moreover, trustworthiness of MI and the aspects which our stakeholders appreciate most were assessed through the survey and we can depict the results of the survey as shown below.