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Annual Reports

Over the years, Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC has gained a significant amount of recognition for the excellence the Company has displayed in our financial reporting. Winning the coveted Annual Report Gold Award in the ‘Finance Category’ thirteen times is no mean task, reiterating our commitment to our stakeholders.

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44Annual Report 2015/16

Over half a century of enterprise, what Mercantile Investments has done consistently well has been to focus on well-being and sustainability for all…across the entire stakeholder spectrum. Through our enterprise, we offer ‘financing of life’…the ‘nourishment’ of everyone’s ‘Tree of Life’…customers, employees and the wider community. ‘Financing life’ required us to look beyond the financials…to embrace an ethos of empathy working with stakeholders in building mutual sustainability and well-being.
Ours truly is…a Model for Financing Life