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Annual Reports

Over the years, Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC has gained a significant amount of recognition for the excellence the Company has displayed in our financial reporting. Winning the coveted Annual Report Gold Award in the ‘Finance Category’ thirteen times is no mean task, reiterating our commitment to our stakeholders.

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44Annual Report 2016/17

When you think of Mercantile Investments, the words that come to mind are
solid, successful, experienced…and prudent. Not for us the reckless risks of
unguarded ambition, the desire to always be first nor the need to be constantly heard.
Since our decisions are taken with care, we have continued to trust in
our judgement and take the safe path, secure in the knowledge that our vision
is clear and our business proposition progressive and strong.
We are proud to be known as a conservative company with old fashioned
values, for our management policies have made us a model of stability in the
fast paced and constantly changing world of business and finance today. We
believe in serving our diverse stakeholders with real and sustainable value
through the prudent policies we follow; the promise of triple bottom line
excellence that people can count on,both now and in the years that lie ahead.